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Arete Powertech is a pioneer company in Electrical Safety and energy-efficient solutions. The company introduced its first Chemical Earthing Electrode Earthing safety solutions in 2008. Its vast experience helped to identify best-in-class Earthing and Lightning Arrester systems to customize the needs of each user. Maintaining international standards the organization takes pride in its accomplishment. It would be worthwhile to mention that Arete has always been a focused company and has served the industry with diligence. 

Chemical Earthing Electrode


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Chemical Earthing

Chemical Earthing

Ensuring safety and efficiency in electrical systems In the realm of electrical engineering, the concept of chemical earthing plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems.

Earthing Value Testing

Earthing Value Testing

Earthing Value Testing, also known as Earth Resistance Testing or Grounding Testing, is a procedure used to measure the resistance of the earth electrode to the flow of electric current.

Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil Resistivity Testing is a fundamental aspect of electrical safety, especially in industries where grounding systems are critical. It involves measuring the resistance of the soil to the flow of electric current.

Electrical Earthing Installation & Commissioning

Electrical Earthing I & C

We specialize in installing and testing advanced chemical earthing systems, ensuring high conductivity and corrosion resistance. Our expertise in lightning protection and pure copper earthing electrodes.

Lightning Arrester Protection Design

A lightning arrester, also known as a surge arrester or lightning rod, is a device designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment from damage caused by lightning strikes .


Copper Earthing Electrode

A copper earthing electrode is a metal rod made of copper that is buried deep in the ground. It is designed to minimize the risk of electrical mishaps. When there is an excess of electricity in a building's wiring, the electrode serves as a secure pathway for it to be directed into the ground. Copper is selected for its excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Read More

Earthing Rod & Electrode

An electrode or earthing rod is a metal pole buried deep into the ground to protect electrical systems. It channels excess electrical away in a harmless manner. By establishing a connection to the earth, it ensures the safety of electrical systems by preventing shocks and injury to people and structures. Read More

Copper Coated Steel Electrode

A copper-coated steel electrode consists of a metal rod enveloped by a copper layer. It is strategically placed underground to ensure the safety of electrical systems. The copper coating enhances its electrical conductivity, while the steel core ensures its strength and durability. This combination guarantees a secure grounding system for optimal safety. Read More

Electrical Ground Rod

An electrical ground rod is a long metal stick buried deep in the ground. It's used to keep electrical systems safe. By connecting to the ground, it provides a safe path for extra electricity to flow away harmlessly, preventing shocks and damage to buildings and people. Read More

Maintenance Free Earthing

A maintenance-free earthing system is one that doesn't need regular maintenance. It is engineered to maintain its effectiveness without requiring frequent checks or adjustments. Systems of this nature frequently employ cutting-edge materials and designs to guarantee dependable performance over time, minimizing the necessity for manual upkeep and ensuring ongoing safety in electrical installations. Read More

Chemical Earthing Electrode

A chemical earthing electrode is a device used for grounding electrical systems. It consists of a metal rod filled with a special chemical compound that enhances conductivity and corrosion resistance. When installed in the ground, it provides a safe path for excess electrical current to dissipate, preventing electrical hazards and ensuring safety. Read More

Copper Ground Rod

A copper ground rod is a lengthy metal rod composed of copper. It is strategically placed underground to ensure the safety of electrical systems. It is beneficial to redirect excess electricity in order to ensure the safety of buildings and individuals, minimizing the risk of shocks and damage. Copper is selected for its excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Read More

Copper Bonded Earth Rod

A metal rod coated in copper constitutes a copper-bonded earth rod. For electrical system safety, it is concealed deep within the earth. Its robustness ensures durability, and the copper coating improves its electrical conductivity. They safeguard against electrical mishaps by providing effective grounding together. Read More

GI Earthing Electrode

An earthing electrode is a metal rod made of galvanized iron. It is strategically placed underground to enhance the safety of electrical systems. With a galvanized iron coating, this product is shielded from corrosion. Additionally, its connection to the ground ensures a safe pathway for excess electricity, effectively preventing shocks and damage. Read More

Conventional Lightning System

Protecting structures from lightning impacts with a conventional lightning system is the conventional method. Installation of lightning rods connected to grounding rods in the ground and affixed to the roof is the customary procedure. The rods effectively carry away the electrical charge generated by lightning, ensuring that the structure remains undamaged. Read More

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    People choose our products for electrical safety because Arete Powertech prioritize quality and reliability. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards. We provide clear instructions for installation and offer excellent customer support. With our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, people trust our products to protect their homes and businesses.  


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    We bring you our 20 + years’ experience, Our uniqueness, Our individuality, and Our experience molds us to be the leader. We challenge ourselves to deliver the deepest resources for innovation and development.


    We operate under the ISO 9001:2015& ISO 14401:2015 certification model for quality assurance in production ensuring that the Company meets the highest standards possible. Our products are developed at the outset for ease of use and complete adaptability. Its flexible approach to product design also provides a strong foundation to cater all applications.


    Arete showcases a set of variations of the product platform that appeal to different market segments. We manufacture fully customized earthing and lightning arresters that are needed for Indian market requirements. 


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