Copper Bonded Earthing, Copper chemical earthing and GI chemical earthing are the three different base metal type of earthing. 

Copper Chemical Earthing Electrodes are having corrosion resistant surface, Maintenance free life upto 40 years, Easy installation and Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. 

Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode is made with steel core and a copper exterior to provide increased conductivity, better corrosion resistance, smoother, harder and more uniform surface. GI Chemical Earthing Rod is maintenance free , superior & trustworthy.  as compare to conventional earthing. No need to dispense water at unvarying interlude except in grimy & filthy soil.

Best Chemical Earthing Solution

A well-designed Earthing system is essential for any electrical installation to avoid dangers associated with fault currents. Good Earthing protects both equipment and people against dangerous step & touch voltage. A low resistance Earth Termination System aims:

  • To provide security for people by limiting the step & touch voltage.
  • To protect installations and equipment by providing a low impedance path for fault currents.
  • To improve the quality of the signal by minimizing the electromagnetic noise.
  • To provide an equipotential reference voltage for the system.
  • Expected Life more than 20 years.
Copper Bonded Earthing Electrodes

Copper Clad Steel Earth Electrodes

Made with steel core and a copper exterior to provide increased conductivity and corrosion resistance. Adherence of copper to steel rod is achieved through a pioneered bright acid copper plating process

Copper Chemical Earthing Rods and Electrodes

Directing the fault currents into the ground, copper electrodes are the most preferred choice for almost all types of earthing. Fault currents are very harmful for both electrical assets as well as human lives.

Earth Enhancement Chemical

Arete GEM is an advanced backfill compound, which lowers the contact resistance of the earth electrode to earth by over 70%. It produces low impedance to surges resulting in faster transient dissipation.

GI Chemical Earthing Rods and Electrodes

GI Chemical earthing is maintenance free , superior & trustworthy as compare to conventional earthing. Maintenance Free: No need to dispense water at unvarying interlude excepting in grimy & filthy soil.

Chemical Earthing over Conventional Earthing:

Conventional Earthing Chemical Earthing Products
Costly Solution Cost effective Solution
Low product Life Product life more than 25 Years
Require more space Require less space
Need Regular maintenance Free from Maintenance

Earthing devices play an important role in achieving maintenance free low earth resistance. Arete Powertech manufactures/supplies a range of advanced Earthing devices and is one of the prominent Supplier and Exporter Copper Bonded Electrodes.

Products by our Copper Bonded Electrodes Manufacture in India are widely appreciated and accepted for their high electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. Our electrodes comply with the present industry specifications – CPRI, UL standards. The proposed selection is vastly used in data centres, telecom, petrochemical and other industries.

Arete Powertech is the best Copper Bonded Electrodes Manufacture. The Copper Bonded Electrodes are the most widely used maintenance free chemical earthing supplied by Arete. The Copper bonded rods are supplied in carried sizes namely 10 mm, 14 mm, 17 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm with length 1.0 meter, 1.2 meter, 1.5 meter, 2.4 meter, 3 meter and 4 meter. The Copper coating thickness is 254 micron uniform.

Counterpoise Earthing

Arete powertech use 10.97 mm dia galvanized wire for the counterpoise earthing of electrical transmission tower. Here we connect the galvanized wire with the lower part i.e leg of the tower with the help of galvanized lug. Galvanized lug in counterpoise earthing is fitted with a tower leg. These are on support of the 16 mm dia nut and bolts.

The steel wire used for the purpose of counterpoise earthing must be of minimum 25 meters in length. The wire is buried tangentially from the ground level to under the ground of minimum 1 meter depth. Here the four legs of a tower are connected together with each other counterpoise earth wire. These are buried below the ground level of 1 meter depth as already been told.

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Arete Powertech is pioneer company in Electrical Safety and energy efficient solutions. The company introduced it’s first Earthing Safety Solutions in 2008

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