Surge Protection Devices   

Arete Powertech, the Best Surge Protection Devices is the leading provider of Surge Protection Devices. These products are identified amid patrons for their noticeable features such as longer life, durability, and nominal cost. Our Surge Protection Devices in India Company is the leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of Surge Protection Devices. When the lightning strikes the ground with its millions of volts and thousands of amperes strike every wire in the ground or hanging in the air the Surge Protection Devices by our Surge Protection Devices in India Company is to your rescue.

If the lightning strikes, the electronics inside the telephone or modem, will destroy at the same moment. Hence, to protect the telephone lines and modem, the Best Surge Protection Devices are used to safeguard the telephone equipment. Surge Protection Devices are also known for their wide applications in number of factories, offices and homes, the Surge Protection Devices provided by our Surge Protection Devices in India Company has a high preference in the market.

Fluctuating Surge Protection Devices range from a few hundred volts to several thousand volts and this can damage the electrical equipment. In technical terms, Surge Protection Devices are electrical devices commonly used to protect Electrical, Electronic instruments or components from power surges.

  • Used for protection against electrical transients
  • Highly efficient
  • High functionality

Approx. Price: Rs 5,000 /Piece

Phase Three Phase
Nominal Voltage 320 V, 335 V
Leakage Current 20, 40 kA
Voltage 1.5kV
Surge Protection for Switchboards
Operating Temperature Range – 40 C to + 80 C