Solar Street Lightning System

Arete offers street solar lighting solutions to illuminate outdoor areas such as street or open areas. Typical applications can be street light of campuses, farmhouses, factory, residential complex, hospitals, villages & town outdoor lights and other streetlight applications.

Arete Solar Street Lights operates on automatic mode from Dusk to Dawn i.e., the lamp automatically switches ON after the sunset and switches OFF after sunrise.

These street lights typically operate on stand-alone mode with no external power feed. To make sure full charging of batteries during the day , these solar street light should be installed in a shadow free area so as to receive ample daylight.

A typical Solar Street lighting system consists of Solar PV Module, Charge Controller Unit, Battery, LED Luminary, Interconnecting Cables and Pole.

The solution is available in two models

(a) Integrated Street Light 

Arete Fully Integrated Street lights has in-built Solar panel, lithium-ion battery, controller motion sensor and LED which makes the installation and maintenance very easy.

LED  Light                                                                            :      12W / 15W / 20W / 25W

Panel                                                                                    :      Polycrystalline 40 W

Battery capacity                                                              :     12 V 10 AH / 15 AH  / 20 AH / 25 AH Lithium–ion battery

Motion Sensor                                                                    :    PIR motion sensor (12m range)

Solar charge controller rating                                          :  5A

LUMEN Output                                                                  :   1200 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 Lumen.                                                                                                                        Dimming to 1/3 intensity on detecting no                                                                                                            movement for more than 1 min.


LED Dispersion angle                                                         :   20°

LED Driver efficiency                                                          :   >90% (Battery to Load)

LED light operating Voltage Range                                  :   9V -12.6 V 

cut-off voltage for battery deep discharge protection :   9 V

Light mounting height                                                       :   4m – 5m – 6m – 7m above  ground level                                                                                                                                                                   

Space between light poles 9 recommended)                :   10m – 15m – 18m – 22m

Humidity Range                                                                  :   0 to 95% (non-condensing)

Temperature range                                                            :   0 to 60 °C

Product Warranty                                                               :   1 Year

Light backup time                                                               :    Full night with dimming

It is especially crafted to give 30-50% more brightness as compared to other outdoor lighting systems and functions even during cloudy days.

(b) Solar Street Lightning Solution

We can offer you discrete designed Street solar solutions consisting of Solar Panels ( 40 W to 180 W); Battery- Lion/ Tubular, LED lamp 10 W to 36 W in weather proof casing, Electronic gear and pole clamps etc.

Poles can also be supplied basis needs ranging from 4 meter to 12 meter 

APPSL-09 9W/12V 42Ah/12V 37W/12V 5
APPSL-12 12W/12V 65Ah/12V 70W/12V 5
APPSL-15 15W/12V 75Ah/12V 75W/12V 5
APPSL-18 18W/12V 100Ah/12V 100W/12V 5
APPSL-24 24W/12V 130Ah/12V 130W/12V 6
APPSL-30 30W/12V 150Ah/12V 150W/12V 6
APPSL-36 36W/12V 180Ah/12V 180W/12V 8

Features & Applications

  • Best suited for remote areas where electricity is not available. Typical usages Parking lots, College campus, Residential complex, farmhouses, Municipal Street lights etc.
  • Works on automatically switch on & off at dusk and dawn.
  • Warranty of 1 year from the date of installation
  • Environment friendly
  • No UV radiations emitted.

Electrical & Mechanical Specification

  • Operating Voltage    – 12V
  • LED USED                   – 1W to 3W LED
  • Driver efficiency        – above 90%
  • Load disconnect        – 11.2V +2 (Battery Voltage)
  • Load reconnect          – 12.5V +2 (Battery voltage)
  • Protection                   – High Cut-off, Low Cut-off, Reverse Polarity
  • Battery Used               – Lithium , VRLA SMF battery 12V
  • System Autonomy     – 3 days
  • Luminary Body           – Aluminum die cast/ plastic
  • Luminary Protection  – IP65
  • Pole                               – Tubular shaped MS Painted or galvanized with solar panel mounting Frame and Battery box.                                                                            ( MS sheet/FRP/Plastic)

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