Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors that determine the life of an earthing system?
Since the earthing system works underground, a lot of environmental factors come into play to decide the life of the earthing system. They include


  •  Soil conditions
  •  Moisture content
  •  Climate changes
  •  Soil resistivity
  •  Types of soil (normal, sandy, semi-rocky, rocky etc.)
  •  Acidity levels of the soil
  •  Basic maintenance schedule

Apart from the above, it is very crucial that the installation of the earthing system is done as per specifications, non-adherence will not only drastically reduce service life of the system but also hinder earth resistance results

Can I just install the electrode without the Back Fill Compound?

Yes, you can install earth electrode without backfill compound. As you are aware that earth resistance value depends on soil characteristics which vary from place to place with seasonal variation, the earth pit without backfill compounds may exhibit different resistance value at different places in different soil conditions.

To overcome these problems, use of mixture coal and salts are recommended by different national and international standards. The salts and moisture present in the earth pits reduce the soil resistivity and coal that absorbs and retain the moisture around the earth pipe, thus helps in maintaining low earth resistance value. Similarly, we also recommend and suggest the use of Back Fill Compounds inside the earth pit, instead of the conventional mixture of salt & coal as the use of Back Fill Compounds reduces the possibility of fast corrosion of earth pipe.

The Back Fill Compounds which is a mixture of eco-friendly minerals reduces the rate of corrosion of the earth electrodes.

The BFCs suggested by us has all the requisite quality that an ideal backfill compound should have. Nevertheless, you as per your requirement and understanding, are free to use any suitable backfill compounds that are available in the market in different name.

I have seen electrodes with plates inside. What is that all about?

Our earthing systems have proven over the last decade that a circular cross section is the best suited design for equal & fast dissipation of current through the electrode and into the earth. We have carried out developmental work on the plate – in – pipe design earlier, but dropped it as it was inefficient and prone to long term problems.

I already have earthing, but I still get electrical shocks from the equipment I use?

In that case, we suggest you have the earthing tested. The traditional earthing methods have been plagued with corrosion and low conductivity problems for decades. The conventional earthing system methods have a very short service life. They become ineffective and are as good as no earthing at all.

Why do I need Earthing?

Unfortunately, our electrical ecosystem is not perfect. It is constantly attacked by high voltages, fault currents, surges, short circuits & lightning all of which can turn deadly. So, any structure which has electricity running through it needs earthing for the protection of property and life.

About Our Product

Earthing Solutions

Electrical grounding or “Grounding” originally began as a safety measure used to help prevent people from accidentally coming in contact with electrical hazards. The process of electrically connecting to the earth itself is often called “earthing” is used to describe the above-ground wiring. The term is used to discuss both below-grade earthing and above-grade grounding. Our Earthing Solutions Company brings to you satisfactory Earthing Electrodes Solutions at best prices.

Lighting conductor system

Lightning Conductor System is a metal rod mounted on a structure. It intends to protect the structure from a lightning strike. Whenever the lightning strikes, there is always a risk of a fire being started in the structure or the structure getting electrocuted. But when Lightning Conductor Systems are installed, the lightning first strikes the attached rod due to its height and conductivity. Then it is transferred to the ground using a wire. Lightning Conductor Systems are also called finials, air terminals or strike termination devices.

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